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Fingerprinting Services of New Mexico LLC offers a variety of services that we hope will meet all your needs.  If what you are looking for is not listed here, please contact us.  It is possible that we may be able to provide what you are looking for. We promise to provide the highest quality fingerprints at the most competitive price. We guarantee our fingerprints. Our rejection rate is less than 1%.

Fingerprinting (in our office): We provide fingerprinting services (both digital and ink) in our office to individuals and organizations required to comply with employee screening statutes or for other purposes. Our service complies with all statutes that mandate fingerprinting. 

Mobile Fingerprinting: We provide mobile fingerprinting services to organizations required to comply with employee screening statutes or for other purposes.  By traveling to your location (business addresses only) the time required for fingerprinting is greatly reduced.  This service is provided for 6 or more individuals.  Our service complies with all statutes that mandate fingerprinting.  Please phone 505-977-3458 for mobile calls.

Agencies We Service:

We provide service to New Mexico and U.S. agencies that mandate fingerprinting.
Organizations that choose to use us for their fingerprinting needs include:

NM Department of Public Safely
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
NM Children, Youth & Families Dept. (Childcare, Foster care, Adoption)
NM Dept. of Health
NM Medical Board
NM Board of Nursing
NM Regulation & Licensing
NM Public Education Department
NM Concealed Carry Weapon Licensure
NM Alcohol & Gaming Board
NM State Lottery Commission
NM Racing Commission
Financial Institutions
Local and Out of State School Districts
Various out of state Licensures

If you do not have fingerprint cards, we are happy to supply them at no additional charge. We have fingerprint cards for all agencies that mandate fingerprinting and will ensure that the State Statute that governs the fingerprinting is placed on all fingerprint cards.

Fingerprint Comparison: Comparison of rolled fingerprints and latent prints.

Forensic Consultation and Verification in the field of:
Latent Print Examination/ Analysis.

Notary Public: On-site and in office.


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